Game on! Morisset Library launches game collection

Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Jasmine Bouchard, Head of the Media Library, and Jennifer Gratton, Media support specialist, about to play Talos on PS4. Photo: Dave Weatherall

By Dave Weatherall

Morisset Library has officially launched its new games collection, which features more than 115 video games, board games, colouring books and Lego sets available for borrowing, as well as new PS4 and WiiU consoles installed in the Media Library.

The new collection aims to support uOttawa faculty members working on gaming research, experiential learning and gamification, and to provide Library users with the opportunity to connect, play and learn.

“Video games are one of the most important media of our time, so it only makes sense that the Media Library has a game collection,” says Jasmine Bouchard, Head of the Media Library. “We’re looking to support researchers, such as Kelsey Catherine Schmitz, who are exploring the potential teaching value of video games and to build on the impressive work of professors like Lynne Bowker, who are already incorporating gamification into their teaching methods.”

Bowker, a uOttawa professor at the School of Translation, noticed that upon graduation, her translation students were often unable to meet the tight deadlines and quotas of the professional translation environment because of a traditional academic emphasis on quality over quantity.

To address this challenge, Bowker devised and tested a speed-training framework that includes gamification elements to help undergraduate translation students in their final year transition more smoothly from the classroom to the workplace.

“The results indicate that students did learn to work more quickly, and that they also developed more confidence and learned to rely on their own judgment to a greater extent,” Bowker says. “This approach to speed training in translation definitely has the potential to be applied in other disciplines.”

Bouchard is also hoping to expand the Media Library’s initial offering by organizing events like Pandemic tournaments, Profs vs. Students Trivia Night, and other activities to increase exposure to the experiential learning opportunities that games offer.

“When we play games, whether they are video games or board games, we discover things about ourselves and the other players that we might never have known otherwise,” says Bouchard. “We’re excited to see what the uOttawa community is going to discover using the new collection.”

To view the entire collection, visit the Media Library's Dropmark page.

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