Spotlight on Fall 2022 Convocation

Posted on Thursday, November 10, 2022

Students getting ready to cross the stage

Twice a year, thousands of students receive their diplomas. It’s always an emotional, unforgettable time filled with great joy and pride. We captured some of these precious moments during the Fall 2022 Convocation, and here are a few highlights.

Students taking selfie with the president on the stage

Graduates freeze this moment in time by taking a picture with the chancellor and the president to post on social media.

happy students taking a selfie with their new diplomas

Faculty of Social Sciences graduates take a group photo to remember the good times they shared.

Class presidents Carlos Rivas, Kristen Thomasen, and Catriona Czyrnyj giving their speeches

Valedictorians Carlos Rivas, Kristen Thomasen, and Catriona Czyrnyj delivered stirring, sincere messages full of hope for the future and for the next chapter of their lives, which begins as they receive their degrees.

photos of people applauding at the ceremonies

A wave of applause for our graduates, their loved ones, and their professors.

photos of students crossing the stage in a distinct way

A few more memorable moments on stage…

photo of student doing acrobatics on stage

This Social Sciences graduate was also something of an acrobat!

photos of graduates with children

Some graduates were accompanied by the next generation!

photos of hugs at the ceremonies between the new graduates and their loved ones

Convocation means receiving a diploma – and plenty of congratulations!

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