Summer school in Chinese-English translation

Posted on Friday, August 7, 2015

Author: Johanne Adam

Six of the eight CETIP Summer Program participants in front of the Canadian parliament

Six of the eight CETIP Summer Program participants enjoying a day in Ottawa.

The University of Ottawa has hosted a Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation (CETIP) Summer Program on campus for eight Chinese language students. The participants received between five and six hours a day of intensive training during the four-week course, which ended on August 7.

Six of these students traveled from China to participate in the program: they are students at Nankai University in Tienjin, Tongji University in Shanghai, and Shanghai Foreign Studies University. The other two participants are local students from Ottawa and Gatineau.

This is the second year of the CETIP Summer Program, which is organized and run by the School of Translation and Interpretation of the Faculty of Arts. The School has been developing ties with China over the past fifteen years and is constantly expanding its network in the Middle Kingdom.

The program teachers are professional translators, interpreters and academics: two of these language professionals are from China or Taiwan, while the others hale from Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton.

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