Sustainable resolutions at uOttawa

Posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Four uOttawa students hold sparklers forming the shape of the number 2018


By Linda Scales

It’s never too late to make a New Year’s resolution. The Gazette has some suggestions that are achievable right here at uOttawa.

Resolutions reflect our desire for self-improvement. Set yourself up for success by choosing a goal that is important to you, and then write out your plan using SMART goals (PDF). And remember to be patient with yourself, because you’ve got this!

Want to be a better person?

There’s no better way to feel better than by doing something for others. The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement can help you find meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community. Watch for the information sessions in January and be sure to visit the Centre’s Facebook page. Follow the Centre on Twitter and Instagram, too, for more volunteer opportunities.

Want to get in shape?

First decide what “in shape” means to you, then think about what you enjoy doing. Sports Services offers a variety of sports and recreation activities, with many starting in mid-January. Want to be buff? Consider signing up for The Big 3 and work on your squat, bench press and deadlift. Or if you prefer creative movement, try your hand (or feet!) at contemporary dance.

Want to be able to speak French (or English) better?

The Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute’s initiative to encourage people to take risks in their second official language outside the classroom starts again in late January. Although it was created for students, anyone can download OLBI’s passport of linguistic risks and play along. However, if you think a structured program would be better for you, OLBI also offers second-language courses.

Want to learn to cook?

Are frequent restaurant visits eating a hole in your wallet? Finding your inner chef is an excellent way to save money while also improving your nutrition. Fortunately, cooking is something you can learn easily. One way is to get involved is with the uOttawa food collective, People’s Republic of Delicious, which meets Wednesday mornings at Déjà Vu (Morisset, second floor). Open to all!

Want to feel happier?

Are the grey days of winter getting you down? Then why not start the year off with some laughter? Comedian Jessica Holmes will perform at uOttawa on Monday, January 22, as part of 2018 Wellness Week. Also, check out pet therapy, guided meditation and much more

Send a note to to let us know what you’re doing on campus to keep your New Year’s resolutions.


A puppy sitting on the floor gazes upward.

Hanging out with therapy dogs at uOttawa could help you with your New Year’s resolution to feel happier. The dogs will also be part of the University’s 2018 Wellness Week. Photo credit: Jairo Alzate


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