Teaching at uOttawa? 10 things to learn about the TLSS

Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The collaborative learning classroom in Louis Pasteur Hall (Room 286). Photo: TLSS

By Jennifer Vales

Did you know that the University of Ottawa has an award-winning Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) that aims to create the best possible educational experience on campus? Since its inception 15 years ago, the TLSS has expanded its services to keep pace with educational trends and meet the needs of professors and teaching assistants. Here are 10 things you need to know about the TLSS:

1. The TLSS is the only University service that helps professors improve their teaching skills, design courses to meet student needs and enrich their learning experience. Among the TLSS’s 60 experts you will find educational developers, instructional designers, technicians, classroom designers, video directors and producers, web programmers and training officers.

2. Although TLSS workshops are primarily aimed at professors, all members of the University community interested in teaching and learning, including administrative staff, graduate and post-doctoral fellows, teaching assistants, department or program directors, are welcome to attend the free training sessions and monthly lectures.

3. The TLSS holds an annual Orientation Program for New Professors and a twice-yearly Teaching Assistants Orientation Day.

4. The TLSS oversees uOttawa’s learning management system (currently, Blackboard Learn), and the Virtual Campus.

5. Most TLSS services are free, and those that are not free are inexpensive.

6. The TLSS has designed award-winning interactive classrooms equipped with the latest technology, including a collaborative classroom in Louis Pasteur Hall (Room 286) and the Ian G. Scott Courtroom in the Brooks building.

7. The TLSS assists professors who wish to design online courses and ensures that distance learning courses run smoothly.

8. The team’s instructional developers have designed many courses and educational materials, and received several awards for their work.

9. TLSS experts have implemented the Blended Learning Initiative, and designed the University’s first massive online open course (MOOC).

10. The TLSS supports the innovative work of faculty members and teaching assistants through the Funding Program for Blended Course Design, Teaching | Learning Funding Program, Excellence Awards for Teaching Assistants and Innovative Use of Educational Technology Excellence Awards.

Jennifer Vales is the communications officer at the Teaching and Learning Support Service. Subscribe to the TLSS newsletter, Horizon.

More than 80 new professors attended the 2016 Orientation Program for New Professors. Photo: Andrea Campbell.

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