Trees cut before construction of Learning Centre

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trees at Lamoureux Hall before being removed.

The Facilities management service cut down some trees last Saturday, mainly around Lamoureux Hall. Around 50 trees had to be felled to make way for the upcoming construction of our new Learning Centre. The University had obtained tree removal permits from the City of Ottawa in order to move forward with construction next month.

Aerial view of the site where the trees have been removed

The Facilities management service decided to quickly proceed with the tree removal last week to avoid doing so during the nesting season.

Once the construction is complete, many new trees and bushes will be planted at the site and at the new University Place square, in line with the mandatory replacement ratio required by the City of Ottawa. Moreover, this will create a nice green space that is ideal for studying and meeting friends.

Architectural rendering of the Place de l’Université.
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