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Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Clavier d'ordinateur et un doigt qui pointe vers une touche où il est écrit CV

By Marian Lederman

UNIWeb, a centralized bilingual curriculum vitae (CV) tool for University academics, is being introduced campus-wide. The tool is an intuitive and efficient web application that professors and researchers will find quicker and easier to use when entering and maintaining CV information, as well as exporting, reusing and saving information in multiple formats. Currently, most faculties have their  own CV systems.

The Information Technology office started the pilot project with the app in April 2015 for a select number of professors and researchers. The project will be phased in for all academics by 2016. Information Technology will also offer UNIWeb training workshops, and FAQs will be developed for interested faculty members. After training, users will be able to use UNIWeb to enter all of their CV data and export the information to the Canadian Common Curriculum Vitae (CCV) instead of having to enter data directly. For some faculties already using an academic CV tool, information in their existing CV applications will be migrated to UNIWeb.

There is more to appreciate about the new app:

UNIWeb interacts directly with the CCV (adopted by the Tri-Council Agencies: CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC), including  exporting  to or importing from the CCV with a few simple steps.

Users can specify a funding CCV template designed to show what data is needed for a specific grant. UNIWeb lets the user know if there is any information missing or incorrect.

Publications can be imported in a variety of formats and duplicates are automatically detected. These are included in the CV information, and selected publications can be tagged to be displayed in the public-facing profile section.

UNIWeb facilitates research through specific profile information that shows connections to other researchers on campus who share similar research interests, through the Research Social Network tool.

Templates are available for CVs to be generated in the format required by deans for annual reviews.

Finally, UNIWeb will allow administrators access to summary institutional metrics, such as publications per year, teaching activities and research funding history.

For more information about UNIWeb, email uniweb@uOttawa.ca.

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