Video showcases MARROW research in space

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2016


Odette Laneuville and Guy Trudel
Professor Odette Laneuville and Dr. Guy Trudel.


A new video from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) features European Space Agency Astronaut Tim Peake explaining the MARROW study aboard the International Space Station.

The video gives a unique glance into research led by Dr. Guy Trudel, a researcher and professor at the University of Ottawa and rehabilitation physician at The Ottawa Hospital. His team is studying the bone marrow health of 10 astronauts over the course of their six-month missions, as well as the year after they return.  

While ground staff conduct the pre- and post- flight blood and assist with breath sampling, the astronauts take these samples themselves once they’re in space. The weightless environment adds extra challenge to procedures like taking blood or breath. Dr. Trudel’s team worked with the CSA team to come up with a working solution for the breath samples.

The goal of the study is to gain better understanding of the effects of extended space travel on bone marrow health and blood cell metabolism, findings that could also be applied to patients on Earth who are bedridden for long periods of time and need rehabilitation.

Co-investigators: Odette Laneuville, Adnan Sheikh, Ian Cameron, Alain Stintzi, Tim Ramsay, Hakim Louati Theresa Backlund and Paola Sebastiani.

Funded by: The Canadian Space Agency

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