We asked, you answered: 15 reasons to take courses in French

Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2018

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March is the Mois de la Francophonie. The University joins the international community in celebrating the French language and culture in all its forms. Whether French is your first language or you’re new to the language of Molière, here are some of the reasons uOttawa students say they chose to study in, or learn, French.


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I want to study in French to support the richness of bilingualism at our university as well as to encourage academic content and research in the social sciences.



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French is awesome… I am taking all my classes in French and I’ve learnt about this great language. C’est époustouflant!



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Studying in French, indeed French itself, is very important for me because it gives me a sense of identity. I’m proud to be Franco-Ontarian and proud of all the challenges we’ve overcome as Franco-Ontarians (especially Regulation 17!).



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They say you always return to your first love. French was the first foreign language that I began to learn and the first thing in my life that came easily to me. That’s why I want to maintain and improve my language skills at the University of Ottawa for the next four years studying teaching French as a second language.



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It’s important because it opens up so many opportunities!!! I have been able to use French while traveling, and it has definitely given me an advantage in the job hunt. I am in my final year of teachers college with a French teachable and the opportunities are endless!!! I love that I can connect and communicate with people who speak this language all over the world.



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Because Canada is a bilingual country!! Learning French is a privilege and an asset and FUN!



chantalprousse by a river holding a French horn

I found it important to continue studying French because my mother, who is francophone, valued me learning French so much. She made sure I attended French schools and learnt it so that I could have opportunities in my future and be able to communicate with my Acadian family. I am proud to tell my family that even in university I am still able to study in French in Ontario even without leaving the province.


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I’m an international student and I only knew how to speak French. The University of Ottawa had a reputation as one of the only large bilingual universities.



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Learning French is important to me because as a Canadian I want to be able to know and speak both official languages of my country. In addition, learning French would help me in my career and when I travel to countries such as France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and even to Quebec I will be able to communicate with the locals.



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Hi! I’m a grad student in ergothérapie – I grew up in Montreal and came to uOttawa to challenge myself (as my mother tongue is English) and I wanted to make sure I can one day treat my clients in their language of choice J Whether I end up working in Montreal or Ottawa, bilingualism is not only important to keep my doors open – but to always make sure I am communicating with my clients in the language they are most comfortable in.


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Studying at uOttawa in French not only gives me a competitive edge in the workplace, but helps further improve my reading and writing skills in both official languages. Additionally - studying in French means that I can continue to build my sense of belonging in the francophone community!



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I’m from Montreal, and my mother tongue is French.  Being bilingual is what I’m most proud of. I’ve always wanted to study in a city other than my hometown, and knowing that at the University of Ottawa I could study in my two languages, my choice was made right away. Especially since my program (nutrition sciences) is only offered in French. I love living in an English-speaking (mainly bilingual) milieu.


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Learning French, especially for non-French speakers opens up more opportunities career-wise and you can also make a whole set of new friends who speak the language!



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Because it’s a romantic language, historical.



Because with French being an official language in Canada, all Canadians should have the benefit of being bilingual.

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