What I would tell my graduating self

Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2018

We asked alumni: if they could turn back time, what would they tell their graduating selves as they walked across the stage to receive their degree. Here’s what they came up with:

Diana Kolesarova, BCom ’16

Diana Kolesarova

“Stay engaged as an alum. It’s a gift to be able to give back and help the school, its students and programs; innovate.”

Samantha Jones, BA ’17 (Lettres française)

Samantha Jones

“Stick with your goal and work your butt off; it’s worth it. But that doesn’t mean trample others: always help out others the way you’d like to be helped. Be kind and smart.”

Elias Hage, BCom ’07

Elias Hage

“Don't fear the unknown career path: jump in, and if the path directly ahead isn't for you, learn from it, succeed at it, then move on - never mentally check out!”

Adam Moscoe, BA ’13 (Psychology), MA ’16 (Public and International Affairs)

Adam Moscoe

“Your present and future are unlimited. Allow yourself to be open to personal and professional possibilities that you may not currently be able to imagine. Never screen yourself out of an opportunity. Advance your own goals, not your social media clout. And never fall into the trap of thinking that ‘others are well-positioned be successful at this, but not me.’ You are ready and your time is now.”

Alexandra Bissinger, BASc ’09 (Civil Engineering), MEng ’13 (Civil Engineering)

Alexandra Bissinger

“Learn as much as you can, get your hands dirty and spend some time on site. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to work long hours. Basically act like a sponge. As you progress from engineering intern to professional engineer, you will be expected to know A LOT of things, so make sure you’ve spent some time in the boots of a contractor and understand what you’re designing and how it is constructed on site. Too often we run into designs completed by engineers that spent no time on a construction site and don’t understand the constructability of things!”

Sharon Wong, BSc ’92

Sharon Wong

“Don't be afraid to take the project that nobody wants to do. Whether you think that the work is too hard and not your area of expertise, that you don’t have time, or that it’s beneath you, take the project on anyways and do it with a positive attitude. You’ll become known as a team player, you’ll learn something new about yourself, and you may gain valuable skills that no one else has in your group. You might even end up enjoying it!”

Aryan Habib, BCom ’15

Aryan Habib

“Build a career in an industry you’re passionate about, and you'll be eager to take on any challenge you come across.”

Wissam Elhage, BASc ’04, MBA ’09

Wissam Elhage

“Push your limits and don’t be afraid to take risks that take you away from your comfort zone. This is how you will be challenging yourself to become more experienced.”

Marie-Ève Trahan, BA ’17 (Lettres française)

Marie Evetrahan

“Don’t try to be perfect or to do everything perfectly without ever failing. Life doesn’t work that way. Always learn and improve, that’s all you can and should do.”

Mariam Siddiqi, BA ’13 (English), BEd ’14

Mariam Siddiqi

“Write out your dreams the day you graduate: a one-, five-, and ten-year plan. Revisit them often. Also for job applications, every 90 emails will get you an interview. Don't give up!”

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