Action Learning Groups

An invitation to collaborate and find support

Transformation 2030 encourages us to become more agile, impactful, sustainable, and collaborative. With this in mind, we are offering you the opportunity to find support and assistance in identifying solutions to the many issues you face, some of which may be complex and difficult.

What is Action Learning Group?

It is a group of 6 to 8 peers who create a collaborative space in order to help each other to improve, and even reform, their individual and collective practices according to specific values, principles and methodology.

What are the objectives of an action learning group?
  • To learn to be more effective by finding new ways of thinking, feeling and acting in their current practices​
  • To require participants to systematically take time to reflect on their own practices​
  • To belong to a professional group in which confidence and solidarity abound ​
  • To learn to help (consultant) and to be helped (client) 
Who should participate in an action learning group?
  • Leaders and managers (groupes Codev.lead.uO)
  • Employees (groupes Codev.uO)
What type of commitment is required from you?

In terms of time

  • Participate in an information session (30 minutes)
  • Participate in an orientation session (60 minutes)
  • Allow preparation and reflection time before each co-development session (30 minutes)
  • Participate in 6-8 action learning groups (90 minutes for Codev.lead.uO and 45 minutes for Codev.uO)


In terms of active participation:

  • Commit to a code of ethics
  • Commit to making optimal use of the action learning group, which implies
    • Sharing experiences and skills​
    • Remaining continuously involved and participating in every meeting ​
    • Complying with the operating rules that the group has agreed to, including confidentiality, civility, attendance, punctuality, adequate preparation, and systematic follow-up of each meeting​
    • Respecting the wishes of the person presenting a discussion topic with regard to the direction of the discussion and its follow-up;​
    • Taking into consideration the organization’s guidelines and avoiding collusion, conflicts of interest and misrepresentation.​
What are the basic values shared among action learning peers?
  • Commitment
  • Mutual assistance
  • Respect
Pour obtenir plus de renseignements ou participer à un groupe de co-développement

For more information or if you want to be part of an action learning group:

Please contact Chantal Boutin, learning and organizational development specialist.

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