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Food for Thought: Deep in the Weeds: Monsanto and the Glyphosate Commodity Chain

Monsanto built an agricultural empire founded on a broad-spectrum herbicide (glyphosate) that the company introduced in the mid-1970s. Monsanto extended this empire in the mid-1990s by cobbling together new life forms that could resist high doses of glyphosate. The aim of this presentation is to explore Monsanto’s research practices, intellectual property designs, commercial aims, and strategic scientific rhetoric, using a commodity-chain approach to understand the linkages and contradictions among these aspects of its undertakings as well as some of their longer-term consequences.

Prof. Monica Gatinger

Opening remarks

Prof. Monica Gatinger

Director, ISSP and Full Professor at the School of Political Studies, uOttawa

Prof. Eda Kranakis

Keynote speaker

Prof. Eda Kranakis

Faculty Affiliate, ISSP and Full Professor, Department of History, Faculty of Arts, uOttawa

Mascha Gugganig


Mascha Gugganig

Alex Trebek Postdoctoral Fellow 
AI for Healthy Humans and Environments, ISSP, uOttawa

Marisa Beck

Closing remarks

Dr. Marisa Beck

Research Director, ISSP, uOttawa


Institute for Science, Society and Policy

Date and time
Mar 31, 2022
All day
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