The Animal Behaviour and Physiology Core facility was established in 2009 and provides a state-of-the-art facility equipped to serve as a time-efficient and cost-effective service for researchers in need of mouse and rat behavioural analyses.

Our tests

Test Name Equipment in Core Species Availability Maximum Animals Tested Simultaneously 
Comprehensive Live Animal Monitoring (CLAMS) 
  • Hardware: Columbus Instruments 
  • Software: Oxymax by Columbus Instruments 
Mice Up to 12 animals tested simultaneously. 
  • Hardware and Software: EchoMRI-700  Body Composition Analyser by EchoMRI 
Mice and rats One animal per trial. 
Metabolic treadmill 
  • Hardware and Software: Oxymax system by Columbus Instruments 
Mice and rats One animal per trial. 
Wireless implantable telemetry with homecage video monitoring 
  • Hardware: Data Sciences International 
  • Compatible with all telemetry implants from DSI 
  • Software: Ponemah P3P Acquisition and Analysis Software, including blood pressure, sleep, ECG and EEG analysis modules;  NeuroScore by Data Sciences International, video recording module by Noldus Information Technology  
Mice and rats Up to 8 animals tested simultaneously with video recording, up to 16 animals without video recording. 
Treadmill exercise system 
  • Hardware: Exer 3/6 Animal Treadmill by Columbus Instruments 
  • Software: Treadmill Control software by Columbus Instruments 
Mice and rats Up to 18 mice or 9 rats can be tested simultaneously. 
Swim tank exercise system 
  • Hardware: Custom built by Canus Plastics Inc. 

Available for mice. 

Up to 10 animals can be tested simultaneously. 

Contact us

Faculty of Medicine Animal Behaviour and Physiology Core

Room 2538, Roger Guindon Hall (RGH),
451 Smyth Road,
Ottawa, ON, K1H 8M5, Canada

Office: 613-562-5800 Ext: 8621
Manager: Kerstin Ure, PhD
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