Animal Care and Veterinary Service

Our team of specialists provides innovative solutions to support pre-clinical research for the uOttawa scientific community and its global partners while ensuring the highest standards of ethics in animal care.

Facilities and services

The University of Ottawa is a registered research facility under the Animals for Research Act and is certified by the Canadian Council on Animal Care. It operates four vivaria, each dedicated to providing a range of general and specialized services targeted to the needs of its scientist clientele.

ACVS facilities are staffed by highly trained and qualified personnel providing animal care and husbandry services to a variety of species 365 days a year.  All animals are observed daily by our dedicated personnel to ensure that they are healthy and that all of the conditions necessary for their well-being and for research excellence are met.

Veterinary Services

The University of Ottawa employs highly trained and qualified veterinarians to ensure high standards of animal health and welfare and provide assistance to scientists. Veterinarians perform daily rounds 5 days a week and are on-call for all medical emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Animal care and veterinary service

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