The Office of Animal Ethics and Compliance supports the activities of the Animal Care Committee, provides training to research teams, and helps ensure that uOttawa meets or exceeds all relevant external standards and regulations.

About us

The Office of Animal Ethics & Compliance (AEC):

  • helps animal research teams plan and undertake their animal work with animals according to relevant internal and external standards
  • supports the uOttawa Animal Care Committee (ACC) in all of its activities and ensure communications between animal users and the ACC, and other communications
  • provides training to animal users and ACC members, working with the Animal Care and Veterinary Service (ACVS)
  • helps ensure that appropriate policies and procedures for animal care and use are in place, working with the ACC, ACVS and senior administration
  • works with auditors and regulators to ensure that uOttawa meets or exceeds all relevant standards and regulations

For assistance, please contact:

Director of Animal Ethics & Compliance: Dr. Justin Arthur 

Training and Communications Coordinator: Courtney Reeks

Animal Ethics Coordinators: Caterina Bellé and Jennifer Andrusiak

Call for Volunteers

The University of Ottawa Animal Care Committee (uOttawa ACC) is actively searching for community representatives who are interested in a rewarding volunteer opportunity, helping to ensure that the use of animals in research and in teaching conforms to the most rigorous ethical standards while actively supporting cutting edge science. Community representation on the institutional ACC is a requirement under provincial and national regulatory requirements. Community representatives work collaboratively as valued members of the ACC to provide the public’s perspective in all aspects of humane care and use of animals in research and teaching at the University, including an emphasis on review of research proposals.

Two students next to one another smiling

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be interested in the humane care and treatment of animals and the advancement of scientific knowledge
  • Must be over 18 years old
  • May have any educational/professional background, as long as they have never worked with animals in research
    • While a scientific background is beneficial, it is not required and training/support is provided
  • Must be able to provide an unbiased third party perspective (no direct affiliation with uOttawa or its affiliated research institutes, or any other perceived conflict of interest)

Interested parties should reach out to the Chair of the ACC, Dr Greg Silasi ([email protected]) or Director of Animal Ethics, Dr Justin Arthur ([email protected]).

Reporting concerns related to animal care and use

The University of Ottawa is committed to ensuring that all animals receive appropriate treatment and care at all times. Any person who has any concerns about any animal work is encouraged to report them. The anonymity of persons reporting concerns will be maintained. Concerns can be reported to the Director of Animal Ethics and Compliance (Dr. Justin Arthur), the Chair of the Animal Care Committee (Dr. Marc Ekker), or to the University Veterinarian and Director of the Animal Care and Veterinary Service  (Dr. Holly Orlando).