All personnel who will work with animals in teaching and research at the University of Ottawa or its affiliated institutions are required to first complete the Animal User Training Program. This is a 3-step process, composed of online theoretical training, attendance at an orientation session, and species-specific hands-on practical training.

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Animal User Training Registration Form

Please use this link to register as a new animal user, or to notify us if you are an existing animal user who is working with a new lab. Please allow 5 business days for your registration to be processed.
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Training program overview

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is the regulatory body overseeing animal-based science in Canada. The CCAC guidelines on training of personnel working with animals in science form the foundation for training, supervision, and attainment of competence for all personnel involved in the care and use of animals in science.

Available Training Streams:

Additional information

The Animal User Training Program follows the CCAC’s National Institutional Animal User Training Program. All animal users must be listed on an approved protocol and complete all training components before beginning any work with animals. Certificates of completion of online training are issued and are transferable between most Canadian post-secondary institutions. Detailed training records are kept for all staff, students, and members of uOttawa and its affiliated institutions whose research or teaching involves animals. Documentation of all completed training (theoretical or practical) is available upon request via the Training Coordinator.