Blue background with digital art of stem cells. Text on top reads, "Stem Cell Research Spotlight."

Event Details

The full-day Stem Cell Research Spotlight Symposium will be focused on neural stem cells, neurodevelopment, and regeneration. It will include a broad focus, with topics spanning from neurogenesis and gliogenesis, neurodevelopment, modeling neurodevelopmental disorders with iPSCs and organoids, and neuroregeneration.

The event will feature short talks by graduate students and postdocs, a poster session, and a plenary talk by distinguished keynote speaker Dr. Michel Cayouette.

Registration is open now, and opportunities for oral and poster presentations are available!

Date and time
May 10, 2023
9am to 5pm
Roger Guindon Hall (RGN)
Room 2003
Organized by
Brain and Mind Research Institute
If you require accommodation, please contact [email protected]