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Event details

On March 8th, ski with the MS experts and our MS community between 10:30am and 2:30pm, or join us right at 3pm for the Après Ski Event. Enjoy refreshments, win exciting prizes, and meet the researchers and trainees making a difference in MS.

How to participate? 

The cost to participate is $150 ($50 registration fee (plus tax and fees) and $100 minimum pledge*) Participation includes one ski ticket, lunch, and the Après Ski Event.

*The registrant has the option of requesting funding support from friends and family towards the remaining $100 pledge.

Want to support MS Research but can’t attend?  Please click here to donate!

Follow these steps to join the fun!

  1. Register to attend MS in Motion. ($50 registration fee *plus tax and fees).
  2. After registering, create your fundraising campaign or donate to meet the minimum $100 pledge 
  3. Share your personal campaign link and strive to meet your fundraising goals leading up to March 8th

More funds raised, more FUN!

  • Raise or Donate an additional $100 to receive one MS in Motion Toque, and chance to win top-tier prizes at our Après Ski event.
  • Raise or Donate an additional $200 to receive two MS in Motion Toques, and double your chances to win top-tier prizes at our Après Ski event.
  • Raise or Donate an additional $300 to receive three MS in Motion Toques, and triple your chances to win top-tier prizes at our Après Ski event.

In case of weather related reasons to cancel the March 8th ski day, we will offer refunds (plus tax) or vouchers (for a ski day and lunch at a later date). Please note that the fees are non-refundable.

Please also note that all fundraising support will go to the cause as described.

The inspiration behind MS in Motion

MS in Motion is a fundraising and awareness event to shed light on the ongoing journeys of Canadians living with multiple sclerosis (MS). MS in Motion was inspired by John Chafe, a father, husband, and sports activist who did not let his MS diagnosis define his life. John was the second patient in Canada to participate in an experimental stem-cell transplant designed in 2000 by Dr. Mark Freedman and Dr. Harold Atkins from The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute. This procedure facilitated the reboot of John’s immune system and successfully stabilized the progression of his MS. Twenty years after his transplant, John and Dr. Freedman skied together to celebrate the achievements of MS research at the first annual MS in Motion.

Read about Dr. Freedman and Dr. Atkin’s treatment here.

The treatment of MS is a rapidly advancing field. Although there is no known cure today, our researchers and clinicians are on a pathway of discovery and innovation.

Your donations will directly support the next generation of MS researchers and the future of the field. Contributions made through MS in Motion will create next year’s Trainee Research in Multiple Sclerosis (TRIMS) awards and allow young researchers to continue advancing the frontiers of MS research.

Hear from this year’s TRIMS Awardees below:

Monique Almeida smiling with a forest in the background.

Monique Almeida

Postdoctoral Fellow, OHRI, uOBMRI

"The TRIMS Awards from uOBMRI have been a transformative catalyst for my scientific journey. This recognition not only motivates me to delve deeper into the complexities of multiple sclerosis but also underscores uOBMRI’s steadfast commitment to fostering groundbreaking research and supporting trainees from diverse backgrounds. Beyond acknowledgment, this award symbolizes a shared dedication to advancing the fight against MS. I am truly honoured to contribute to this vital mission alongside the uOBMRI community."

Katherine Cardwell smiling with a blank background.

Katherine Cardwell

PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa, uOBMRI

"Finances are often a limiting factor for students to fully engage in their academic pursuits. TRIMS funding not only provides an opportunity for recognition and networking, but also relieves some of the financial burden that often comes with pursuing a graduate degree. The TRIMS award has given me the opportunity to share my research in academic and community settings, and gives me the financial security to fully immerse myself in my PhD studies. For me, it is an important factor in being able to produce meaningful, high-quality research."

Video from MS in Motion 2022
Date and time
Mar 8, 2024
10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
English, French
General public
Organized by
Brain and Mind Research Institute


If you plan to attend MS in Motion on March 8th, register here. After registering, don't forget to meet the minimum $100 pledge to join the fun!
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Fundraising and Donation

After registering, it's time to reach your fundraising goals! Follow the link below to either fundraise or donate to meet the $100 minimum pledge.