The Law and Technology Student Society (LTSS) is the Centre for Law, Technology and Society and the Faculty of Law's official student-run club for law students who have an interest in technology law and policy.

As our lives become increasingly digitized, tech law becomes more and more relevant. From the intersections of AI and labour, data storage and privacy, machine learning and copyright, access to information and human rights, and everything in between, tech law is an exciting and evolving field. 

The LTSS welcomes students who are interested in the many intersections of law and technology and how technology shapes law, the legal community, and society more generally. 

The LTSS is composed of students who have a common interest in law and technology-related issues. We encourage students with interests in IP, telecommunications and broadcasting, privacy, biotechnology, human rights, freedom of expression, data security, AI, robotics, VR, AR, etc. to become a member or join us throughout the year for events!


Each fall the LTSS hosts an IP firm tour, which coincides with Ottawa IP firm recruitment. The LTSS also hosts a panel discussion in October with Ottawa IP lawyers to provide information on career opportunities in IP for law students. 

The LTSS also works with the University of Ottawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society (CLTS) to encourage students to take technology law courses and seek out research assistant positions with tech law professors on research projects. 

The LTSS is passionate about bridging the gap between technologists, lawyers and policymakers. Get involved with the LTSS today!


Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @uOttawa_LTSS