Candidates interested in doctoral studies at the Centre for Law, Technology and Society can apply for the Ph.D. in Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.

The Centre for Law, Technology and Society offers supervisors in French and English and in Civil Law and Common Law. Most of our Faculty Members are experts in one or more foreign jurisdictions, international law and comparative studies.

All of our Faculty Members are affiliated with one of the two sections of the Faculty of Law and are authorized to supervise doctoral candidates. Feel free to contact them directly to discuss supervision availability prior to your admission.

The PhD is an advanced degree that leads to the preparation of a research thesis. The goal of the University of Ottawa’s doctoral program in Law is to develop autonomous academics and lawyers who will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their particular field of law through the research they conduct during the program and thereafter. The program aims to foster an environment in which each student can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for the successful completion of a thesis, including the design, development and implementation of a research framework and the mastery of those theoretical and methodological sources relevant to the field of research.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

Students must follow two courses:

Students must also submit to two examinations:

  • a Comprehensive Examination
  • a Thesis Proposal Examination

After having successfully completed the above requirements, students must write a PhD Thesis (90,000 to 120,000 words) and defend it before an examining board.

The Faculty of Law only accepts students enrolled on a full-time basis.

While students should complete all program requirements within 4 years, the maximum time permitted is 6 years.


All applications to the Ph.D. in Law are processed through the Faculty of Law’s Office of Graduate Studies.

Applicants should further note that the Admissions Committee for Law and Technology evaluates research proposals in light of the strength and availability of its Faculty members, as well as library and other resources in the relevant field.

Given the structure of the doctoral program, a September admission is recommended. The application deadline for September admission is February 1 of the same calendar year for which admission is sought.

For more information

More detailed information about the Ph.D. in law, and its admission process, is available on the Faculty of Law, Graduate Studies website.

You may also contact:

Prof. Elizabeth Judge
Coordinator, Graduate Studies in Law and Technology
[email protected]