The World of Geolocation Data

Chelsey Colbert and Stacey Gray (Future of Privacy Forum)

What Could be the unforeseen consequences of Algorithmic Pretrial Risk Assessments tools adoption by the MAG?

Gerardo J Lebrón Laboy (University of Ottawa)

Addressing Contemporary Issues with Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) in Canada

Nnubia Ogbuefi

Robots as Judges?

Elizabeth Paar (Universität Graz)

Can We Measure Ethics of an Artificial Intelligence Systems? If yes, What do we measure?  How do we measure?

Shalaleh Rismani (McGill University)

Exploring the social and communicative conditions for the acceptability of social robots in healthcare

Catarina Silva (University of Ottawa)

Addressing Ethical Challenges for Care Giving Robots

Jim Torresen (University of Oslo)

Human-Robot Interaction and Culture Factor: Does culture still matter in the era of robots?

Serdar Tunçer (University of Ottawa)

Into the Dataverse: Exploring methodologies for understanding the impacts of personal data collection and use in Canada

Sarah Villeneuve (Ryerson University)

PNEU-SKIN: Haptic Social Interface

Yujie Wang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Marcela Godoy (New York University Shanghai)

Posters | Abstract

XENOBOTS – A New Life Form, a New Robot

Victoria Sutton (Texas Tech University School of Law)