Adam Brown
Adam Brown
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology

GNN 284
(613) 562-5800 ext. 6308


My current research revolves around two aspects of the scholarship of teaching and learning, those of Science Education and Science Communication. In the former, I have developed novel teaching methods and technologies that have been shown to improve the learning environment, knowledge transfer and application for undergraduate students of Biology. My current projects involve building effective learning scaffolds for students of science, teaching undergraduate students to think creatively, curriculum and pedagogical design of science communication education for undergraduate students of science. Additionally, I am actively creating, producing, narrating and hosting a number of science communication media productions for TV shows, documentaries and the internet.

Selected publications

  • Oliveira, A. W., Mirel, O. & A. O.  Brown (2023) ‘I invite you to take a sip from the golden fountain and confirm these statements for yourself’: preparing undergraduate science students to publicly address pseudoscientific news. International Journal of Science Education, Part B: Communication and Public Engagement link (download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link)
  • Oliveira, A. W., & Brown, A. O. (2023). Pitching STEM: a communicative approach to entrepreneurship in STEM classrooms. In Enhancing Entrepreneurial Mindsets Through STEM Education (pp. 325-348). Cham: Springer International Publishing. (download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link)
  • Oliveira, A. W., Brown, A. O., Day, K., Saviolli, R., Campbell, S. J., Potkins, H., & Weld, J. M.(2022). Authorised cheat sheets in undergraduate biology: Using pictographic organisers to foster student creative cognition. Review of Education, 10, e3380. link(download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link)
  • Oliveira, A.W., Brown, A.O. 2022. Experiencing the entrepreneurial side of science: undergraduate students pitching science-based businesses. Entrepreneurship Education link (download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link)
  • Oliveira, A.W., Brown, A.O., Zhang, W.S., LeBrun, P., Eaton, L. & S. Yemen. 2021. Fostering creativity in science learning: The potential of open-ended student drawing.  Teaching and Teacher Education. 105, 103416. (download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link)
  • Oliveira, A.W., Brown, A.O., Carroll, M.L., Blenkarn, W., Austin, B. & Bretzlaff, T. 2021. Developing undergraduate student oral science communication through video reflection. International Journal of Science Education, Part B: Communication and Public Engagement DOI: 10.1080/21548455.2021.1907630 north_eastexternal link (download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link)
  • Oliveira, A.W., Bretzlaff, T., & A.O. Brown. 2020. Memorable Exemplification in Undergraduate Biology. Research in Science Education. 50: 625-643 (download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link)
  • Oliveira, A.W., Johnston, E. & Brown, A.O. 2018. Exemplification in Undergraduate Biology: Dominant Images and Their Impact on Student Acquisition of Conceptual Knowledge. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education. 18:1-17 (download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link).
  • Brown, A.O. 2017. The Role of Values in the Effectiveness of Public Communications of Science for Sustainability.  Education Review, 5: 14-17. (download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link)
  • Oliveira, A.W. and A.O. Brown.  2016. Exemplification in Science Instruction: Teaching and Learning through Examples.  Journal for Research in Science Teaching. 53: 737-767. (download.pdfnorth_eastexternal link). This manuscript was short-listed as one of 5 articles with Research Worth Reading for 2016 by the USA National Science Teachers’ Association.
  • Brown. A.O. 2014. Lexical access, knowledge transfer and meaningful learning of scientific terminology via an etymological approach. International Journal of Biology Education. 3: 1-12.

Research interests

  • Scientific communication
  • Science education
  • Science and art