Daina Mazutis
Daina Mazutis
Associate Professor
Telfer School of Management and Endowed Professor of Ethics Responsibility and Sustainability

55 Laurier Avenue East, room 6127
613-562-5800 ext. 4921


Dr. Daina Mazutis is an Associate Professor of Strategy at the Telfer School of Management where she also holds the Endowed Professorship in Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERS). Daina’s research on leadership, strategy and sustainability has been published in several edited books as well as peer-reviewed journals such as Annals of Social Responsibility, Journal of Business Ethics, Business & Society, California Management Review and Organizations & Environment, amongst others. Daina has also presented broadly at international conferences where her work has been honoured with numerous prestigious awards. Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, Daina was a Professor of Strategy, Leadership and Ethics at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland and spent over ten years in various marketing, advertising, sales and consulting roles. She holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa, a PhD from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario and is a graduate of the ICD Directors Education Program. Dr. Mazutis currently sits on the Board of Prime Ministers’ Row and Riga Business School.


Dr. Mazutis’ research rests at the intersection of leadership, strategy and sustainability. She is driven to understand how businesses can have a more beneficial impact on society and how business leaders specifically can make more ethical and responsible strategic decisions. Daina uses a combination of quantitative, qualitative and case based methodologies to contribute to corporate sustainability and strategic leadership theories.

Type of Student Support She Seeks

Daina seeks highly motivated students who are passionate about making a difference in how businesses operate. Her projects are often rooted in practice, involving interviews with senior business leaders. As such, she expects a high degree of professionalism from the students with whom she engages.

Possible Research Question Examples a Student She Supervises Could Work On

  1. How do CEOs and Boards of Directors frame, discuss and decide upon sustainability related issues such as climate change and resource scarcity?
  2. Why are some corporate sustainability initiatives approved while others are not?
  3. What needs to change so that CEOs and Boards pay more attention to climate change and its predicted impact on business?
  4. How are best-in-class businesses incorporating societal grand challenges (e.g. climate change, inequality, socioeconomic and political uncertainty) into their strategic deliberations?
  5. How are these grand challenges shaping new industries, new organizational forms and new institutional change initiatives (e.g. social entrepreneurs, sustainable communities/cities)?
  6. How can business strategy be used to create social and environmental value?