The REB is mandated to assess the ethical acceptability of a research project through consideration of the foreseeable risks, potential benefits and ethical implications of the project.

uOttawa REBs


The mandate of the REBs is to assess and sanction the ethical aspects of all research projects involving human participants conducted under their jurisdiction by their professors and students, prior to their inception and during their execution. The REBs also verify how researchers plan to take on their ethical responsibilities. The REBs must also approve all projects in which students, professors or support staff of the University of Ottawa serve as research participants.

  • Each member is appointed by the Vice-President, Research and Innovation.
  • The mandate is a three-year period, renewable once, with the terms staggered to maintain continuity.
  • For student members, the mandate is a one-year period, renewable twice.
  • A period of observation and training takes place before the beginning of the mandate.
  • The Vice-President, Research and Innovation may appoint substitute members so that REB activities are not paralyzed by any unforeseen eventualities.


There are two Research Ethics Boards (REB) at the University of Ottawa.

  • The Social Sciences and Humanities REB evaluates all research projects originating from School of Management, and the Faculties of Arts, Education, Law and Social Sciences (except School of Psychology).
  • The Health Sciences and Science REB evaluates all projects originating from the Faculties of Engineering, Science, Health Sciences and Medicine and the School of Psychology.

Research projects taking place at any of the regional affiliated hospitals (recruitment or data collection) must also be reviewed by the REB of that hospital. It is generally recommended that researchers submit their applications to the hospital REB first, and once approval is obtained, submit to the uOttawa REB for expedited review. We recommend that researchers contact both REBs before beginning this process to ensure the correct steps are being followed.

Information on the affiliated hospital REBs can be found at the following links:

Ottawa Health Science Network REB

(Ottawa Hospital and Heart Institute)

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario REB

Royal REB (Institute of Mental Health Research)

Bruyère Continuing Care REB

The Hôpital Montfort REB


Duties and responsibilities

  • To set guidelines in matters relating to the ethics approval of research involving human participants in accordance with the TCPS 2
  • To review policies and procedures at timely intervals to ensure that research project evaluations respect the principles established by the TCPS 2.
  • To be available for consultation by researchers within the university community
  • To undertake an educational function on ethical matters related to the conduct of research with human participants within the university community
  • To review research projects and issue ethics approval to projects meeting ethical standards.
  • To examine annual status reports for ongoing projects and grant or refuse extension of ethics approval for such projects.
  • The Appeal Board reviews cases in which the decision of a REB is being contested and confirms or modifies the REB's decision after consultation with this REB.

The University of Ottawa has signed agreements with the following affiliated hospitals and their respective REBs:

  • The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute
  • Childrens’ Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)
  • The Royal and the Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR)
  • Bruyère Continuing Care

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