Nestor Nkurunziza
Nestor Nkurunziza
Ph.D. Candidate in Law, University of Ottawa


Current Research Interests

  • International criminal justice and transitional justice
  • Peacebuilding and human rights

B.A. in Law (4 years), with distinction (Université du Burundi); M. Phil. in International Peace Studies (Trinity College-Dublin); DESS en Droits de l’Homme et Résolution Pacifique des Conflits avec distinction (Chaire Unesco en Education à la Paix et Résolution Pacifique des Conflits/Université du Burundi);

Nestor Nkurunziza is a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa. His research interests are in the areas of international criminal justice, transitional justice and human rights. He is part of a research team on The Rule of Law in the Great Lakes Region of Africa (Burundi, The DRC and Rwanda), a project supported by The Rule of Law Program for Sub-Saharan Africa of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. Mr. Nkurunziza has been working as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law, University of Burundi since 2010. Previously, he worked in the humanitarian as a legal trainer with the Norwegian Refugee Council in Burundi (2008-2010). Mr. Nkurunziza has an experience in human rights activism. He occupied several positions within human rights NGOs in Burundi and offered consultancy services to local and international NGOs interested in the areas of peacebuilding, human rights and youth issues, locally and abroad.