Are you looking for a good partnership that will allow you to have access to renowned researchers and top-rated facilities? By choosing the world’s largest English-French bilingual university, you get access to great minds and future innovators.

Ways to work with us

There are different ways to work with us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Together we can elaborate the best collaboration for both parties.

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Collaborative research

The University of Ottawa has a strong focus on fostering collaborative research and knowledge exchange with industry, government, and other partners. Among Canada’s top 10 research universities in both research funding and research intensity, uOttawa has impressive knowledge resources, research strengths and facilities that enable the performance of high-risk, fundamental, strategic research in several disciplines.

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Licensing Technologies

The University of Ottawa has a portfolio of technologies and inventions that have been patented or for which a patent application has been filed. ISS grants access to such technologies through licenses to existing and start-up companies that have the capacity to develop the technology successfully into products.

List of uOttawa patents (login required)

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Core facilities

A core facility is a discrete unit within the University of Ottawa dedicated to the work of several research groups or department.
Discover our core facilities

Find an expert

Once a potential researcher is identified, ISS will work with you and the researcher regarding the feasibility of the project in that researchers’ portfolio.

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List of faculties and departments

Determine the faculty and department in which the research would likely take place. Each professor will have a brief description of their research interests on the departmental web page.

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Experts database

Use the University of Ottawa’s experts database to select potential research partners.