The Interdisciplinary Centre for Black Health addresses health disparities observed among people from Black communities, deficiencies in training for health professionals and research, and gaps in care and public health policy concerning them.

A research program that addresses the real needs of Canada's Black communities

  • Interdisciplinary research involving a variety of fields (medicine, health sciences, psychology , law, economics, sociology, etc.) to provide a better understanding of the various determinants of health of Black communities in Canada, as well as a diversity of approaches, theories, models and methods; 
  • An ambitious knowledge mobilization and transfer program to inform research and practice settings, Black communities and public policy, and promote health equity; 
  • Bilingual research (French and English), considering the language accommodation needs of Black immigrant communities, both in research and health care; 
  • National and international collaborations with diverse and varied perspectives. 

Research axes

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Black Health is composed of five research axes covering different areas of expertise and interest of its different members. However, trans/interdisciplinary research is encouraged to produce integrated results with strong implications for prevention and intervention. The research axes are informed by an intersectional perspective: