The Interdisciplinary Centre for Black Health addresses health disparities observed among people from Black communities, deficiencies in training for health professionals and research, and gaps in care and public health policy concerning them.

Research axes

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Black Health is composed of five research axes covering different areas of expertise and interest of its different members. However, trans/interdisciplinary research is encouraged to produce integrated results with strong implications for prevention and intervention. The research axes are informed by an intersectional perspective:

Research chairs

The Research Chair in International Francophonie and the Health of Immigrants and Refugees from Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa.

As the originator of important partnerships with African researchers to better understand the health needs of francophone populations in sub-Saharan Africa (AFSS), Professor Chomienne will examine the state of knowledge on the physical and mental health of immigrants and refugees currently living in francophone host countries. Among other things, she will examine the social determinants of health, such as the sources of health inequities and the strategies put in place by regional authorities to facilitate access and encourage the use of health care. The ultimate goal of her research program will be to describe the physical and mental health status of recent AFSS immigrants and refugees in Ontario, France and French-speaking Belgium in order to provide them with appropriate health care. The researcher, who is involved in clinical care and academic support within the international Francophonie, is also involved in research projects on COVID-19 that focus on the psychological effect of the pandemic on hospital housekeeping staff and on access to mental health care.

Monnica Williams is named a Canada Research Chair in Mental Health Disparities.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Psychology are proud to announce that Monnica Williams, a professor, researcher and therapist, has been awarded a new Canada Research Chair in Mental Health Disparities.

Chibuike Udenigwe has been awarded the University's Research Chair in Food Properties and Nutrient Bioavailability.

Professor Udenigwe will lead a research program aimed at developing innovative approaches to the use of plant-based proteins and peptides in the food industry. His research will address the need and demand from both industry and consumers for sustainable sources of protein with nutritional properties and health benefits. In partnership with industry, he will explore how these nutrients can be used in innovative ways to improve the structure and fundamental quality of food products.