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Dr. Berini

Berini group

Surface plasmon photonics for biosensor and telecommunications applications.

Dr. Variola

Variola group

Dr. Variola’s research focuses on the development of micro- and nano-structured interfaces to control cellular response for applications in tissue engineering and medicine

Dr. Lessard

Lessard group

Prof. Lessard’s research focuses on the development of novel materials and their integration into organic electronic devices such as bio sensors, organic thin film transistors, organic photovoltaics and organic light emitting diodes.

Vincent Tabard-Cossa

Vincent Tabard-Cossa

Prof. Tabard-Cossa’s research program is dedicated to the development of novel nanofabrication techniques using solid-state materials (semiconductor, nanoporous, and 2D) to create nanofluidics devices to manipulate and characterize singlemolecules; to unravel the basic polymer physics governing the behaviour of biological molecules in nanoconfined geometries; and ultimately to translate these discoveries into new tools for the health and life sciences.

Dr. Shuhendler

Shuhendler Group

The Molecular Medicine Lab develops and implements responsive imaging agents ranging from small molecule to nanoparticle with the end-goal of clinical translation.