The Faculty of Science NMR Facility is well equipped with both solids and liquids instruments from 200 to 600 MHz. We have instruments for routine use, as well as, instruments requiring more user input.

Welcome to the University of Ottawa!

The NMR Facility is here to serve your needs.  We are well equipped with both solids and liquids instruments to serve you, including instruments for routine use as well as instruments requiring more user input.  Our philosophy is to provide instruction to users enabling them to conduct their own NMR measurements.  We also accept samples to be run on a service basis by a qualified technician.  We love to discuss chemical problems for which NMR can help address, so please feel free to come and talk to us.  We are in D'Iorio Hall room 416.

As a new NMR user at Ottawa U, you will be required to take a training session for each of the NMR instruments you intend to use.  These training sessions range from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on the instrument and experience of the user.  To register for a training session, you will have to fill out a web based  training request form.  Please fill out ALL of the fields on the form including a user name and password of your choice for the Calcium Time Booking System, used to book time on all of the NMR instruments.  After submitting the completed form, you will be contacted by email with an appointment for training.  While waiting for your appointment, you should read the training notes for the spectrometers.  After your training session, you will be given an account on the Calcium Time Booking System and granted permission to book time and use the instruments for which you have had training.

All of our spectrometers are networked.  You will download your data either from a server or directly from the instruments and process it at your leisure in your laboratory.  We have a site license for Bruker's TOPSPIN and Metralab's Mestranova software packages for this purpose.  These software packages are available for download on the NMR lab server.  The spectrometers are not to be used for data processing.  Your data will remain on the hard disk of the spectrometer or server for a limited time only.  You are responsible for your own data.  Please read our policy on data archiving.

If you choose to submit your samples to the NMR lab for analysis, you will have to fill out a hard copy of the service request form (PDF,  78.2 KB).  Print this form, fill it out and submit it with your labeled sample in D'Iorio Hall room 416.  Samples for liquids analysis should be prepared in 5 mm NMR tubes while those for solids analysis can be submitted in a vial.  When the analysis is finished, hard copies of your data will be available for pick up with your sample.  If you wish to retain the electronic data, you will be responsible for downloading it from the spectrometer or server.  Please read our policy on data archiving.

If you have a need to carry out specialized or more involved NMR measurements, please come and talk to us.  You should not feel restricted to what is shown to you in your initial training session.

We look forward to serving you.

Good luck with your research.

Contact us

Dr. Peter J. Pallister NMR Facility Manager

Department of Chemistry,
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ph. (613) 562-5800 ext 6077
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