The team at Student Accounts has your best interest at heart and is always open to new ideas!

Suggestions and comments

Our team is committed to offering high-quality services. However, if you’ve experienced an unpleasant situation or feel you’ve been treated unfairly, please let us know. You can do so by following the procedure outlined below.

To contact a supervisor, send a detailed email describing the circumstances to the Manager at Student Accounts. Please contact Étienne Poirier at [email protected] and include the following information:

First and last name
Student number
Date the incident took place
Names of any individuals involved, if known

We’ll send you an acknowledgment letter or email shortly after we’ve received your communication. We may also find it necessary to contact you for additional information or to discuss the circumstances surrounding the situation. 

Our aim is always to try to resolve the situation within seven business days of receiving your written correspondence.