Questions to ask after the meeting with the potential supervisor

A list of useful questions.

  • Does the thesis topic seem of interest to this professor?
  • Does this professor’s theoretical and philosophical approaches seem sufficiently compatible with the student's own?
  • Is it easy to communicate freely with this person?
  • Does the available laboratory space and the lab environment suit the research's needs?
  • What financial support could be received through grants or contracts administered by this professor?
  • Will there be opportunities to participate in conferences, and to prepare publications and grant applications?
  • Does the student agrees on how independently he or she will be working, or how close a collaboration there will be on thesis direction and content?
  • How often can the student expect to meet with the supervisor?
  • How much time will this professor need to give feedback on ideas and draft chapters?
  • Will this professor be available during the time needed to prepare the thesis?