Tabaret Hall from above

Tabaret: 2019 construction

Facilities will be reroofing the centre wing, doing exploratory work, and restoring Tabaret’s entrance on Laurier Avenue.

Project description

Several projects will begin at Tabaret this summer.

  1. Parts of the south portico (Laurier avenue entrance) will either be repaired, replaced or restored; this includes the stairs, landing, baluster, and various other heritage elements. The universal access ramp at the Laurier entrance will be replaced at the same time. The area will be inaccessible for the duration of the construction.
  2. The roof of the centre wing, or “C Block” will be replaced.
  3. Exploratory work will be performed in the courtyard and level 00 basement to inform future maintenance.

Alternate routes

3d render of construction and alternate routes

Accessible route

Accessible route to Tabaret Hall

Frequently asked questions

Expected disruptions

  • Accessibility
  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Pedestrians detours
  • Vibrations

Project team

  • Project Manager: Sylvio Miron
  • Design Team: EVOQ Architecture