Reimbursing expenses for students, guests and new employees with a relocation agreement

Students, guests and new employees with a relocation agreement can request reimbursement from University-administered funds for authorized, legitimate and reasonable expenses.

Students and guests

If you are not a regular University of Ottawa employee (e.g., a temporary employee without a contract, a retired employee, a student or a guest), you do not have access to Workday.

For assistance with your request for approval or reimbursement of fees, please contact your faculty or service contact person.

Points of contact

New employees with a relocation agreement

New employees who have negotiated a relocation reimbursement agreement in their hiring contract can use the Relocation business process in Workday.  In most cases, relocation reimbursements are for new APUO members moving to Ottawa to start their uOttawa careers. 


Submitting a request for reimbursement of relocation expenses (PDF, 190 KB)

Related policies and procedures


Which expenses are admissible in my relocation reimbursement?

The admissible expenses are listed the Policy 7. Here is a quick glance of the list:

  • Packing, crating, moving, and unpacking of household goods and personal effects, as well as insurance and storage for a period not to exceed one month. Two tenders must be submitted, and the lower one will be used for calculating the reimbursement;
  • Transfer of family by the most economical means of transportation, according to the rates and procedures outlined in Policy 21. Reasonable living expenses incurred during the moving trip;
  • One advance visit for the purpose of securing suitable housing. The spouse may accompany the new employee in this instance.

Who will be approving the reimbursements once submitted?

The Reimbursement team at Financial Resources will be administering the approval process of the relocation expenses. The Faculty will not be included in the approval process.

Who should I contact for more information?

You can send an email to the Reimbursement Team.