Services for professors

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  • Collect all sources, print specific page ranges required, organize documents in desired order, and create index.
  • Determine which sources are likely protected by copyright – see Alternatives to copyright – as well as which can be used under Exceptions to copyright. Note: please make every effort to ensure that most, if not all, of your sources, fall under an exception, such as fair dealing, are licensed, or are not protected by copyright.
  • For any materials obtained in electronic format from the Library catalogue, check to ensure that the University’s licence does not prohibit reproduction of the materials in a course pack – see Using electronic resources. If so, these may not be used.
  • Bring your printed sources, as well as the filled-out PDFs, to the Copyright Office [contact information below] or any docUcentre locations. Should you wish to discuss the content of your course pack, please contact a Copyright Clearance Officer by telephone or email, or to book an appointment. 
    • If the exact same course pack was used for a previous semester, all you need to do is fill out the docUcentre's "Request for Reproduction of a Course Pack"(must provide the session, year, and bin#) and e-mail it to the Copyright Office.
    • Copyright Office contact: [email protected]