Request software for computers with sensitive data

If your work-office computer stores sensitive data and Information Technology removed access for software installations on it, you will need to follow a different procedure when you require new software.

Security testing has been done for software in the approved list of software for installation, and you can make a request directly to the Service Desk if the software you need is in this pre-approved list. For all other software, a business justification and approval from the Authorized Approver for your unit (the dean/director or if they notify Information Technology who their delegate will be) is required before making an installation request.

Before submitting your request for software not in the Pre-approved list for software installations

Obtain written approval from the Authorized Approver. Information Technology will request a copy of this written authorization before processing your request. Before initiating your request, you will need:

  • Approval from area Director (if there is no area Director, a 2nd level supervisor)
  • Prepare the valid business justification

If you require software for personal-use, the approval from the area Senior Director, Dean or Vice-President is required.

Submitting your request

  1. Open a new Service Desk Request
  2. In the Subject field, select Software Installation
  3. In the Enter a detailed description field, provide:
    1. The requested software and version
    2. The valid justification (only if software is not in the Pre-approved list for software installations)
  4. In the Notifying someone else about this request field, you must provide the email address of the individual who approved your request.
  5. Click Send to submit your request

Information Technology will contact you within 2 business days. The internal review process and security testing can take up to 5 business days.

Emergency requests

If your request is an emergency, ensure you have approval and a valid justification. In the Service Desk form, provide the priority in the detailed description field. Based on these, if the business need outweighs the potential risk, Information Technology will install the software prior to internal review. Software may subsequently be removed if security vulnerabilities, viruses or malware are found.