Elevating and Enhancing Security: The Microsoft 365 Security Hardening Project's Journey

Information Technology
Cybersecurity incidents have the potential to impact everyone therefore reviewing and improving IT security controls is key to the safety of the University.

In June of 2023, the Microsoft 365 (M365) Security Hardening project officially began. The University is reviewing its Microsoft 365 security controls. 

The overarching objective of this project is to enhance cybersecurity at uOttawa for its account holders. This involves improvements such as changing MFA (Multi-factor authentication) security controls, reviewing password policies, changing how long user sessions are valid, etc. Enhancing these security controls will help reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents such as accounts being compromised, or large phishing campaigns being sent to the community. 

The M365 Security Hardening project will proceed with changes to the Microsoft 365 environment over the next few months, with an expected completion date set for end of April 2024. Security is everyone's responsibility, and it serves as a shield that safeguards us from persistent cyber threats.