Revitalizing uOttawa’s Infrastructure One Server at a Time

Information Technology
The University of Ottawa's technology infrastructure currently houses more than 500 legacy servers, ridden by a multitude of vulnerabilities. To tackle this pressing issue, the Sustainability of Legacy Applications project was launched in November 2022.

This vital initiative is centered around the retirement of outdated older generation servers, which are no longer receiving support from their respective vendors and cannot be upgraded to a modern, stable version. 


By decommissioning these vulnerable servers and seamlessly transferring the associated applications to modern server infrastructure, this method emerges as the optimal solution! It also significantly enhances uOttawa's overall security while effectively eradicating the vulnerabilities associated with the legacy servers. 


With 55% of the project now successfully accomplished, the second sprint is officially underway. A total of 192 servers have been seamlessly decommissioned, and 57 applications have been smoothly migrated to date. 


As this project gains momentum, the unwavering support and dedication of our application managers play a pivotal role in ensuring its success in eradicating the vulnerabilities tied to legacy servers. Their commitment is instrumental in driving this endeavor forward effectively.