Sports infrastructure migration

Information Technology
Information Technology
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Keeping an up-to-date, well-functioning server may seem inconsequential from an outside perspective, especially when peering through the lens of university sports. How does the Sports Infrastructure Migration Project relate to sports on campus? 

It’s simple, GeeGee servers host several vital technologies essential to the viability and the efficiency of the University’s sports management and activities. With the proper hardware enabled, the data is secure, and the programs can run efficiently.   

The initiative was supported by Student Affairs and led by Emad Fereshtehnejad. It fixed outdated systems caused systems to frequently fail on its servers. Issues of this nature can be time sensitive and can impact critical operations such as virtual machines, file storage and domain controllers, impacting our students, employees, and the community if not handled sufficiently.  

To correct this existing hardware failure, Information Technology was urgently requested to stabilize the hardware and move the GeeGee’s infrastructure to uOttawa’s central infrastructure. This support and upgraded technology would minimize the impact of server downtime on operations and allow for financial efficiencies in addition to reducing server maintenance responsibilities. 

The final phase of the data migration occurred at the end of December 2021. Having said that, in April 2022, the decision was made to heavily focus on upgrading the GeeGee’s infrastructure and begin decommissioning the old servers and virtual machines.  

Many people contributed and worked tirelessly to make this initiative a success. It would have been especially challenging without these people: Susan Hylland (Sports Services), Daniel Trottier (Information Technology), Ilva Peci (Information Technology), Alexandre Ono (Sports Services) and Emad Fereshtehnejad (Information Technology). These contributions include, but are not limited to, the two vendors, DELL Technology and DVSports. 

Now we can concentrate on the Gee-Gee’ performance on the rink, court, field, and elsewhere!