Unified Communications: modernizing how we work

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Unified Communications
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Unified communications (UCaaS) offers the ability to have telephony services on a computer or a mobile device through Microsoft Teams. No more physical telephones! In the vision that the University has for Microsoft Office, Unified communications will offer more agility University-wide, increase productivity, and generate cost savings.

Calls feature: a money-saving gem!

Since the start of the migration, calls made within Canada and the United States are free of charge. As per Michelle Beauchamp, Director, Student Recruitment, Admissions and Market development, her department will save a noticeable amount of money thanks to this feature since many of their calls are outside of Ottawa and to the United States. 

Call-back feature: say goodbye to long call queues 

Service Desk had 294 call-back requests out of 8,997 calls since their migration to the new contact centre solution. The call-back feature has been a great stress reliever for its clients, and by extension, the support agents. Callers can choose to have a call-back and do something else until their turn arrives. In addition, the callers keep their place in the queue, so they are not pushed back.  

Note that callbacks are only activated when a threshold number of people are in the queue or when the estimated wait time exceeds 10 minutes. 

Facts and Figures 

  • Number of users migrated: 1896 
  • Number of users to migrate: 5,000 users 
  • Number of faculties to migrate: 10 
  • Number of services to migrate: 27 
  • Number of emergency phones deployed: 59 

In the last 30 days, over 16,000 external calls (inbound & outbound) were made through MS Teams. 

Stay updated by consulting the Unified Communications website for more informative videos as well as self-help resources.