As part of its efforts to become a zero-waste campus, the University of Ottawa is proud to introduce Friendlier, a reusable container program, at various on-campus food retailers in the fall of 2023.

By moving to a reusable container program, we will be saving hundreds of single-use plastic containers from the landfill. A 50 cent deposit, charged with every container meal purchased at our partner retailers, is returned to the customer through the Friendlier App once the container has been scanned, dropped off in a return bin, and made it to the Ottawa cleaning facility. This process can take up to 2 weeks.

Starting in September 2023, all meals packaged in Friendlier containers purchased at the following on-campus eateries will require customers to pay the 50 cent friendlier deposit:

  • Go Café (LMX, FTX & TBT)
  • Odelees (LEE)
  • Première Moisson (FSS)
  • Elements (RGN)
  • On The Go items at the Food Court (SITE)
  • On The Go items at the Bento Sushi (UCU)

To get your deposit back, you must download the Friendlier app and follow the steps of the Friendlier process. Alternatively, you can claim your deposit on the Friendlier’s web application ( For more information, please visit the Friendlier website.

The friendlier process

Help save the planet with just 5 simple steps.
  1. Order your meal and pay a small deposit
  2. Enjoy your food
  3. Scan the container using the Friendlier app
  4. Return your container to any collection bin
  5. Collect your deposit or donate on our app
blue, abstractly-shaped letter f to represent the brand Friendlier

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