Making friends and meeting new people

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University is an opportunity to build lifelong friendships. Here are a few tips to help you make new friends.

1. Participate in social and cultural activities

Week to week, the University hosts a wide range of social and cultural activities right here on campus! The first events of the year are Welcome Week activities, which focus on encouraging students to get out, explore the campus, and mingle with other students. Learn about all the upcoming events online and follow @uottawacampus for the latest updates.

2. Join a club or group

Clubs are a great way to meet like-minded people and expand your network and social circle. Clubs and student associations organize their own events throughout the year and have a lot to offer! Make the most of your student experience by getting involved.

Check out the full list of current clubs according to campusvibezCan’t find a club you’re interested in? Why not create and register your own club!

3. Register for intramurals

Nothing says let’s make friends like a bit of friendly competition, right? Right! Well, at least that’s the case in uOttawa’s Garnet and Grey intramural leagues. Choose from a variety of recreational sports leagues, at two different levels of play, and sign up as a team or as an individual for the fall and winter terms. Learn more about these leagues and be sure to enter the registration start date in your calendar.

4. Create a study group

No matter what situation you’re in, don’t be shy: introduce yourself to your classmates, either online or in person. You should get to know them, and not just for social reasons: your classmates can help you keep up with the course material, remind you of exams and assignment deadlines, and work around your social calendar to find study times. 

5. Sign up for uOConnexion

uOConnexion is the campus buddy program! First-year students are paired with upper-year uOttawa students, who guide them through their first year by answering questions, providing advice, and being a friend on campus! 

6. Volunteer

Volunteering is a win-win. Not only do you get to meet new people, you'll also gain valuable experience and learn new skills that will help you stand out in the job market once you graduate. Log into your uoZone account to browse the list of volunteer opportunities in the Community Engagement Navigator.

7. Follow up on introductions

Not sure how to follow up with people you’ve just met or introduced yourself to? Build on that first impression by following them on social media. Whether you get their IG handle or Snapchat username, you can reach out to make plans or get some insight on that one lecture you just happened to miss.

Remember, it’s okay to feel like you’re out of your comfort zone: those are the times when you grow and accomplish the incredible!