Whether it’s a short excursion in Ottawa’s backyard, or a multi-day field course in Montreal, the Geogian Bay, the Yukon, Iceland or Zanzibar, our department provides affordable opportunities for you to step out of the classroom and see your studies come to life. Travel with us and get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study in destinations few have ever been.

Students enrolled in a major or honours bachelor's degree must take two field courses. The first of these, GEG/ENV 2918 is mandatory for all our students. For their second field course, all students can choose amongst any of our national courses (GEG4920, GEG4921, GEG4001) or international courses (GEG4000, GEG4001, GEG4100, GEG4128). 

You would like to do even more field courses? Students may, if they wish, take several national or international courses.

Excursions and local field course

National field courses

International field courses