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Studying history at uOttawa will help you to understand the past with the support of dynamic and innovative professors, practice explaining the past by working with sources and ideas and live your training experience in a vibrant student community.

Why history, and why at uOttawa

History gives us the tools to understand change over time. It helps to reveal patterns that might otherwise be invisible in the present, thus providing a crucial perspective for analyzing (solving!) current and future problems. It is an exercise in demystification, challenging prejudices and preconceptions - including our own.

Our department offers a wide range of exciting courses on diverse cultures and societies around the world, from antiquity to contemporary times. It covers thematic subjects such as history and sexuality, imperialism and colonialism, history of science, and history of ideas.

Explore our Undergraduate and Graduate programs or meet with an advisor to learn more about our course offerings and programs.

History uOttawa

What to do with history

History provides access to a whole range of professional possibilities. Its study promotes a better understanding of the way in which societies work, the factors that bring them together and set them apart, and the processes that shape their development. History helps to explain how different political, religious, and legal systems came into being and how cultural, social, economic, and geographical conditions have determined the way in which societies have developed. It gets to the very heart of the way peoples have thought and acted over time.

What can you do with a history degree? Many things! 


As a history student at uOttawa, you will learn how to sift evidence, analyze arguments and evaluate differing interpretations. You will develop your writing skills, your critical thinking and your ability to present and defend your ideas orally and in writing.

These skills and a good background in history are in high demand in a wide range of professions and careerssuch aslaw, journalism, administration, teaching, communications, and government. Whether you graduate into the historical profession as a teacher or researcher or move into other spheres, your historical skills will always prove invaluable. 

What you will study

Our undergraduate programs will provide you with solid and transferable skills while enabling you to pursue your passion for history. Our flexible course offering is structured around two complementary components: understanding history and practicing the historian’s craft. You will practice history by using historical documents of all kinds: texts from past centuries, monuments, paintings, films, or digital tools. You will develop critical and analytical skills as well as competencies in research and writing.

As a graduate student, you will contribute to historical research by conducting your own research project with the support of your supervisor. Building on solid methodologies, fruitful approaches, and inspiring concepts, you will uncover unknown aspects of past societies and help reveal their relevance in today’s world. You will disseminate your findings to the public and prepare for diverse career opportunities.



Our administrative team is devoted to making your studies in our Department as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. They will be happy to help you.

Undergraduate Program Committee

Undergraduate Program Committee

This committee can respond to your questions about our B.A. programs, their requirements and composition.

Contact: [email protected]
Undergraduate Program Committee

Graduate Studies and Financial Aid Committee

This committee can provide information on our graduate programs. It also handles applications for admission to Master's and PhD programs and their requirements. It is also responsible for departmental scholarships and awards for undergraduate and graduate students.

Contact: [email protected]
Conference and Co-op Committee

Conference and Co-op Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and promoting conferences the department organizes. It also liaises with the CO-OP Office regarding internship placements and reports submitted after completion.

Contact: Heather Murray ([email protected])
Feb 13

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