World Languages and Cultures

World Languages and Cultures

Become a global citizen! The Major in World Languages and Cultures is designed to meet the realities of our interconnected, globalized world. Along with enhancing your language abilities and cross-cultural knowledge, you will develop strong communication and research skills — essential in today’s workplace. This flexible program offers language and cultural courses in a wide variety of languages, along with experience-based learning opportunities such as internships with international institutions and cultural communities in the National Capital Region and international exchanges. Experience the world while gaining lasting skills!

Choose from one of eight profiles — Arabic, Asian Studies (Chinese and/or Japanese), Celtic Studies, German, Italian, Latin American Studies, Russian or Spanish — or a combination of these profiles and other languages (such as Polish, Portuguese or Yiddish).

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Major in World Languages and Cultures

The Honours Program allows more extensive and focused study than is possible in the Majors Program, offering a particular concentration of courses in the core periods and problems (3000-level). Yet, it can be combined with a Minor in another area of study. This academic focus and breadth makes this program an excellent preparation for students who are seeking admission to professional or graduate programs, or who intend to pursue careers in senior secondary education.

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Our scholarship program is one of the most generous in the country. It rewards not only your pre-university academic achievements, but also your achievements every term of full-time study at University. A scholarship is awarded for academic achievements while a bursary is awarded based on financial need.
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The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

With global economic integration and the proliferation of communication technologies, the ability to speak, read and write at least one language other than English or French has become one of the most sought-after abilities in the eyes of employers the world over. Here in Canada, closer ties between North America, Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East are making it essential to learn foreign languages and cultures.
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