Promotion and Events Request Form

Requests will be evaluated on the nature of the project, relevance to the Faculty’s strategic objectives and those of the University, as well as marketing and communications team resources. 

  • Please submit your request 20 working days prior to the date you wish to start promotion. This time frame allows for conceptualization, translation, production of digital or print assets and proofing.
  • Requests involving communication with Alumni require 6 weeks advance notice prior to the promotion start date
  • Before submitting your request, all titles, texts, presenter bios and program agendas must be finalized and approved by the client (professor, research lead or administrative manager).
  • If you are not submitting bilingual texts, you must provide a budget (FOAP) code for possible translation costs.
  • We will respond to your submission within three working days to let you know if it will be possible to accommodate your request. 
  • Are you writing or translating a description for an event, a bio or other text for promotion by the Faculty? Check out this helpful guide from the University of Ottawa.

Are you a Faculty of Education professor, research team lead, member of administrative personnel, alumni or student association representative?

Request type (choose one)
Conference presentations, publications, research grant/funding, research prizes, event participation, or other
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I would like help writing a pitch about my research for The Conversation.
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Recruitment for our undergraduate and graduate programs
Professors' e-cards, programs, or research pages
If your request is for an event, is it for:

This is the date by which the marketing/communication content must be ready, i.e. the date which you would like promotion to begin. For events, this date should be at least 15 working days before the date of the event. 

Given the large volume of submissions our team receives, last minute requests may not be accepted.

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(Requires six-week advance notice before start of promotion)

Please provide details about your request. You will be able to attach finalized texts below, if applicable. For new publication announcements, please provide a one or two sentence summary of the significance of your research.

Professors: If you are not submitting bilingual (French and English) versions of your texts, a FOAP budget code will be required to cover possible translation costs. Please ensure your texts respect all norms found in the University of Ottawa’s Writing Guide. Before submitting your request, all titles, texts, presenter bios and program agendas should be finalized and approved by the client (professor, research lead or administrative manager). 

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Images must be licensed. No images without proof of provenance will be accepted. If you are in need of a licensed image, we can provide one for you. Please indicate this in the special notes section of this request form and we will contact you.