Rebecca J. Lloyd
Rebecca J. Lloyd
Full Professor

LMX 432
613-562-5800 ext. 4152

Rebecca J. Lloyd, full professor and SSHRC-funded researcher, has developed the Function2Flow conceptual model and the methodology of Motion-Sensing Phenomenology—pathways to research and teach toward the kinesthetic cultivation of flow that she has applied to a variety of contexts such as physical education, teacher education, dance, climbing, and hooping. Her current InterActive for Life Project explores experiences of interactive flow in partnered practices—salsa dance, acroyoga, equestrian & martial arts—with the goal of mobilizing relational knowledge to physical educators. Multi-modal data gathered from world class experts was translated into a series of student-friendly inter-activities with the goal of inspiring social-emotional changes in physical education pedagogy. Professor Lloyd not only researches but also experiences the process of becoming InterActive for Life on the Latin dance floor where she is known to medal.


Professor Rebecca Lloyd is currently accepting e-mail inquiries for graduate student supervision (MA, PhD) in the following research areas:

  • Active Aging Education
  • Phenomenology
  • Physical and Health Education Pedagogy
  • Embodied Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum-as-Living Experience
  • Interactive Function-to-Flow applications to teaching, fitness, and coaching

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Research interests

  • Active Aging Education
  • Embodied learning, flow and movement consciousness
  • Motion-sensing phenomenology
  • Physical and health education
  • Health-promoting teacher education