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Students doing research in chemical engineering lab.

Chemical and biological engineering

Our Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering recognizes the multidisciplinary nature and broad reach of modern chemical engineering practice. Our professors specialize in fields like biomedical engineering, clean technologies, process engineering, materials development engineering, and renewable energy.

View from above of a construction site.

Civil engineering

The majority of the infrastructure that surrounds us is the work of a civil engineer. Airports, pipelines, bridges, sewage treatment plants, buildings, transportation systems, dams, tunnels, harbors, water distribution and wastewater collection systems, industrial facilities, water treatment plants and irrigation channels are examples of the application of civil engineering.

Mechanical engineering students assembling parts.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering encompasses machines, materials, energy, manufacturing, automation, biomedical engineering, aerospace and more. The department’s expertise and programs fully cover this breadth, offering students a broadly based education and a wide range of career choices.

Students working on a prototype.

Engineering design and teaching innovation

The School of Engineering Design and Teaching Innovation brings together engineering design, multidisciplinary education, experiential learning, and professional skills development. With an approach adapted to the realities of the 21st century, its mission is to train the next generation of change makers.

Electrical engineering material

Electrical engineering and computer science

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers a vibrant research environment where the traditional disciplines of electronics, computer and software engineering and computer science come together to create unique synergy.


Our services support our students, professors and the uOttawa community.

Office of the Dean

The Dean's Office offers general administrative services such as facilities, human resources, health and safety. We also provide Iron Ring purchasing and exchange services. For all requests, please contact the Dean's Office reception desk.

Undergraduate studies office

The Undergraduate Studies Office offers support regarding program and academic path for undergraduate students.

Graduate studies office

The Graduate Studies Office offers support regarding program and academic path for graduate students.

Health and safety

The health and safety team keeps our community safe in our labs and facilities.

Information Technology (IT)

The Engineering Information Technology Services can help your with computer labs, printers, and other technological tools at your disposal.

Marketing and Communications

The marketing and communications team can help with branding, promotion, and sponsorship questions. Please email your requests to the Associate Director, Business Strategy, Planning and Communications.