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Microprogram in Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, data science and the ethical, regulatory and societal implications of AI.

Before submitting your application to a graduate microprogram, make sure you have all the necessary documents.

This microprogram will enable you to

  • Deepen your knowledge of machine learning and data science while you reflect on the ethical and societal implications of AI.
  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of machine learning.
  • Learn about current advances and application of AI to areas such as engineering, science, health, business and education.
  • Acquire new skills for professional and career enhancement purposes, including as a knowledge translator.

This microprogram is ideal for students from diverse backgrounds interested in learning about the scope and limitations of AI.

Program overview


  • IAI 5120 (Essential Concepts in Data Science)
  • IAI 5130 (Ethical, Societal and Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence)
  • and 3 course units from either:
    • IAI 5100 (Foundations and Applications of Machine Learning) or
    • IAI 5101 (Foundations of Machine Learning for Scientists and Engineers).

Duration: Nine units (three courses), which can be applied toward certain master’s programs. 36 hours per course.

Language: Courses taught in English.

Admission requirements: Requirements depend on your student status. For details on prerequisites, see our course catalogue.


  • Graduate students (add a microprogram to your program of study)
  • Eligible undergraduate students (as part of an undergraduate degree)
  • Anyone working in industry, with the right background, interested in acquiring or updating specialized skills and knowledge without committing to a full degree program (You can complete a graduate microprogram of two or three courses and receive a certificate.)

Applying to a graduate microprogram

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For any question about microprograms, please contact the Graduate Studies Office.