Depending on the studies you’ve completed at another postsecondary institution, you may be able to receive transfer credits in your University of Ottawa program for some courses.

The Faculty of Engineering and the University offer transfer credits at admission or by prior learning assessment.

Engineering programs are accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. Transfer credits granted are continually changing to ensure that our programs meet national engineering standards in effect.

Important: To receive your degree, you must complete more than half of your program units (credits) at the University of Ottawa. Therefore, transfer credits granted will necessarily be for less than half the units you need to receive your degree.

Transfer credits granted on admission

The uOttawa Admissions Office can only grant transfer credits on admission to engineering programs if the courses are recognized by another University faculty (for example, the Faculty of Science). We don’t grant transfer credits at the time of admission for engineering courses.

Once you’ve sent in your official transcript, transfer credits (units) are automatically applied to your program of study. Learn more about undergraduate studies.


You’re eligible to have your file looked at for additional transfer credits if you’ve:

  • Accepted your offer of admission.
  • Passed the required courses (minimum grade of 60% — grades are converted to the uOttawa grading scale).
  • Provided a detailed description of each course and/or a syllabus dated the year you took it.

Please note that the Faculty reserves the right to reject any incomplete request.


Preparing your request

  1. Download the form.
  2. Complete sections A and B.
    • If you’re requesting transfer credits for a CHG, MCG, CVG, ELG, SEG, MGB or GNG course, provide official proof that the course was given by a certified engineer.
  3. Make a list of the supporting documents mentioned in section C.
    • Provide a detailed course description (or syllabus) from the year in which you took the course.
    • Provide a digital transcript with your final grades. We won’t evaluate courses you’re currently taking.
  4. Email your duly completed application form to [email protected] by the deadline for the term for which you’re requesting transfer credits.
    • Fall term: August 15


Once we’ve completed our assessment, we’ll send an email to your address to inform you of any transfer credits we’ve granted and we’ll update your file.

Please note that the time we require to evaluate your transfer credits request may vary depending on the complexity of your request. Generally, requests are processed in 20 working days.

While we’re evaluating your request, we recommend that you enrol in your courses according to your program’s course sequence.

Tranfer credits we’ve granted to date

The following tables give an overview of the courses for which we’ve granted transfer credits in the past. University of Ottawa course codes in the table indicate the language of the course for which the transfer credits were granted. If you’re enrolled in a program in the other language, you can still request transfer credits.