Martin Camiré
Martin Camiré
Full Professor

2012, Ph.D., Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa
2008, M.A, Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa
2006, B.A (Honours), Psychology, University of Ottawa

MNT 345
613-562-5800 ext. 6379


Martin Camiré is a Full Professor at the University of Ottawa’s School of Human Kinetics. Through his research, Dr. Camiré is interested in examining how positive youth development can be facilitated in the context of sport. Further, Dr. Camiré studies the role played by coaches in facilitating the development and transfer of life skills (e.g., goal setting, leadership, effective decision-making) in youth sport participants. His teaching interests lie in the areas of intervention, health promotion, and research methods.

I am taking on new students interested in working in the area of sport psychology. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Ottawa.

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Research interests

  • Promoting quality developmental experiences for sport participants
  • Training coaches to foster positive youth development through sport
  • Understanding life skills transfer from sport to life


Complete publications: Google Scholar and ResearchGate

  • Koh, K. T., Tan, L. Q. W., Camiré, M., Paculdar, M. A. A., & Chua, W. G. A. (2022). Teachers’ and students’ perceptions of factors influencing the adoption of information and communications technology in physical education in Singapore schools. European Physical Education Review, 28(1), 100-119.  
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  • Camiré, M. (2021). A move to rethink life skills as assemblages: A call to postqualitative inquiry. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health.
  • Kendellen, K., & Camiré, M. (2021). A creative non-fiction story of an athlete’s journey through the life skills application process. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 13(5), 816-831.     
  • Santos, F., Camiré, M., MacDonald, D. J., Strachan, L., Ferreira, M., & Rathwell, S. (2021). Culture, policies, and a move to integrate an assets-based approach to development in the Portuguese sport system. Motricidade, 17(3), 1-14. 
  • Camiré, M., Newman, T. J., Bean, C., & Strachan, L. (2021). Reimagining positive youth development and life skills in sport through a social justice lens. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.  
  • Ciampolini, V., Camiré, M., Neves Salles, W., Nascimento, J. V., & Milistetd, M. (2021). Researcher, coach developer, and coaches’ perspectives on learner-centered teaching in a rugby coach education program. International Sport Coaching Journal.                    
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  • Kramers, S., Camiré, M., & Bean, C. (2021). Profiling patterns of congruence in youth golf coaches’ life skills teaching. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 33(2), 218-237.  
  • Camiré, M., Turgeon, S., Kramers, S., Rathwell, S., Bean, C., Sabourin, C., & Pierce, S. (2021). Development and initial validation of the coaching life skills in sport questionnaire. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 53(101845), 1-10.

SSHRC grants

Grants as principal investigator

  • Camiré, M. (PI), Strachan, L., Bean, C., & Newman, T. J. (2021-2023). Reimagining High School Sport Coaching through a Social Justice Lens. SSHRC Partnership Development Grant ($86,732).
  • Camiré, M. (PI), Cairney, J., & Bruner, M. (2019-2024). High school sport participation and its association to psychosocial development and mental health. SSHRC Insight Grant ($95,142).
  • Camiré, M. (PI), Bean, C., Pierce, S., & Amorose, A. (2019-2020). Designing and validating the coaching life skills in sport questionnaire. SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant ($24,989).
  • Camiré, M. (PI) & Bean, C. (2017-2018). Examining the associations between implicit and explicit life skills development processes and program quality in youth golf. SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant ($24,592).
  • Camiré, M. (PI) & Trudel P. (2016-2018). The testing, dissemination, and evaluation of the teaching life skills through sport training program for high school coaches. SSHRC Insight Grant ($131,060).
  • Camiré, M. (PI), & Forneris, T. (2014-2015). Teacher-coaches' influence on the global development of student-athletes: An examination of perceived dual role benefits and challenges. SSHRC Insight Development Grant ($43,641).

Grants as co-investigator

  • Bean, C. (PI) & Camiré, M. (2021). Walking the talk: Mobilizing knowledge to enhance evaluation capacity in the Canadian sport sector. SSHRC Connection Grant. ($24,992).
  • Trottier, C. (PI), Camiré, M., Drapeau, V., Goulet, C., & Lemyre, P. N. (2016-2018). Conception, implantation et évaluation d'un programme d'enseignement des habiletés de vie en contexte de sport scolaire. SSHRC Insight Grant ($132,000).
  • Holt, N. (PI), Camiré, M., Fraser-Thomas, J., MacDonald, D., Strachan, L., Tamminen, K., & Côté, J. (2015-2018). Promoting positive youth development through sport: PYD SportNET. SSHRC Partnership Development Grant  ($195,456).
  • Forneris, T. (PI), Camiré, M., & Fortier, M., & Fraser-Thomas, J. (2015-2017). Positive youth development through sport: Examining and understanding program quality. SSHRC Insight Grant ($146,889)

Former graduate students

  • Nikolas Martin: 2017-2020 (MA)
  • Kelsey Kendellen: 2014 - 2019 (PhD)
    • SSHRC - Joseph-Armand Bombardier Doctoral Scholarship
    • SSHRC - Sport Participation Research Initiative Doctoral Supplement
    • SSHRC - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement (University of Birmingham, UK)
    • Ontario Graduate Scholarship
    • SCAPPS 2019 Franklin Henry Young Scientist Award in Sport Psychology
    • Nicole Bégin-Heick Scholarship
  • Laura Martin: 2017 - 2019 (MA)
    • Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology
  • Sara Kramers: 2016 - 2018 (MA)
    • SSHRC - Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Scholarship
    • SSHRC - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement (Loughborough University, UK)
  • Evelyne Felber Charbonneau: 2015 - 2017 (MA)
    • SSHRC - Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Scholarship
    • SSHRC - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway)
  • Jonathan Roy: 2014 - 2016 (MA)
    • SSHRC - Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Scholarship
  • Colin Deal: 2013 - 2015 (MA)
    • SSHRC - Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Scholarship
  • Kelsey Kendellen: 2012 - 2014 (MA)
    • SSHRC - Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Scholarship